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Community Outreach for Leesburg, FL Motorists & More

We Are A Friend to Our Neighboring Communities

We care about community outreach in Clermont, Florida. We've been in the business of helping people for well over 65 years, and it extends past new Nissan cars for sale. We believe that everyone should feel heard in their local communities, that's why we work with several different organizations. We are proud to work with teams like Community Based Care of Central Florida, an organization dedicated to providing foster youth the support they need. You're more than a potential customer; you're a person. If you have an initiative that you think would suit our Leesburg, FL dealership, let us know! You can contact us, and we'll have someone on it in no-time. Here at Nissan of Clermont, if we can help, we will.

1st Annual Reed Gives Back to Community Day

On August 3, 2017, Reed Nissan of Clermont participated in their 1st Annual Reed Gives Back to Community Day! In conjunction with Community Based Care of Central Florida, our dealership honored our 3rd Annual Cars for Kids Giveaway as well! We decided to surprise two foster youth with new Nissan vehicles. At the same celebration, in partnership with Girl Scouts of Citrus, Reed Nissan of Clermont saw the benefit of dedicated and intelligent young salespeople through the Top Cookie Award. The award was provided to the Central Florida region’s top three Girl Scout Cookies sellers for 2017.

The celebration began with a speech from Dr. Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor of Northland Church. Maryann Barry, CEO of Girl Scouts of Citrus, offered additional background on the Girl Scouts and their cookie initiatives. She recounted all of the hard work which goes into strong cookie sales operations.

2017 Top Cookie Award Winners:
#1 Ella Price – 5th grade (Alexis Jones Proxy Acceptance) – 4,154 Boxes of Cookies
#2 Destiny Massey – 12th grade – 3,928 Boxes of Cookies
#3 Ashley Henderson – 7th grade – 2,833 Boxes of Cookies

Announcing Our 2017 Top Cookie Award Winners

Gerry Glynn, Chief Legal Officer of Community Based Care of Central Florida, described the work of CBC in our neighborhoods – from their function as “surrogate parent” engaged in maintaining the well-being and prosperity of all children who enter their care, to contributing further leadership and support as those children progress toward adulthood. Glynn made obvious how happy the CBC was for all of the young people chosen for the chance to win a Nissan vehicle in 2017! These particular children are eligible based on their dedication. We wanted to reward the youth for their success, despite the circumstances stacked against them. Amelia and Melissa, the 2016 Cars for Kids Giveaway recipients, were attendance as well. Both Amelia and Melissa shared their own stories of how acquiring the vehicle has made it easier for them to move forward. At last, our 2017 winner names have been released: Compliments to Anthony and Nicole! You can learn more about the 2017 winners, both past and present, on the Cars for Kids Giveaway page.

We want to extend a massive thanks to everyone who came to the 1st Annual Reed Gives Back to Community Day! We are happy to have community partners who assist us with these achievements. We would like to offer a special thank you to our advocates: Austin Faber with Fox Sport, Think Minion, Apple Air Conditioning, Shawn Turner with Spectrum, Susan Shepard with the Orlando Sentinel, Julie Drahos with WESH, and Quick Snacks Vending, Inc. We know that our 2018 year will be just as amazing!

Community Based Care of Central Florida

Reed Nissan of Clermont works in conjunction with Community Based Care of Central Florida, an organization oversees the region’s foster care system, to help others. The Reed family in Clermont are happy to assist youth in need. Reed Nissan Claremont’s Cars for Kids Giveaway, in connection with CBCCFL, is dedicated to offering local foster youth the tools they need for success. We are excited to support CBCCFL’s Youth Transitional Services program, which is intended to fill offer support to those who do not have families. Last year Reed Nissan Claremont surprised two exemplary young people with something they thought would be out of reach, a new Nissan vehicle. We are proud to have made a difference! Reliable transportation has provided Jasmine an opportunity to pursue her goal of a college degree (she also works as a guide to current foster kids). The awarded vehicle has been a life-changer for hard-working Bernard, a single father working two jobs while taking college classes.

A Blast From the Past

On August 23, 2016, our Nissan dealership near Kissimmee, Florida once again provided two new Nissan vehicles to a pair of exemplary students through their 2nd annual “Cars for Kids Giveaway.” These individuals had bravely made their way through the foster system and had shown tenacity, so we gave them 2016 Nissan Sentra models. Amelia, 21, was a single mother of two. Amelia was a part-time student who also worked as a preschool teacher. The new Nissan vehicle was given to Amelia so she could safely navigate through the city streets. Melissa, 21, a student at Palm Beach State College studying early childhood education, was elated to receive her vehicle. Melissa was pressured into purchasing a car with an obscene loan rate of 24% to keep her head above water for work and school. The vehicle gave Melissa a chance to get out of financial restraints and continue her education.

Coalition For The Homeless Of Central Florida

Did you know that one in 50 families, in Central Florida will experience homelessness this year, or that one in six Central Floridians copes with hunger? The statistics can be tremendous, and that is why it is so necessary to help impoverished communities in any way that you can. Your kindness can provide these families hope for a happier tomorrow. No number is too small.

The Hope Project was commenced by Reed Nissan Clermont in 2015. We were hoping to enlist several community members to join us in raising funds to help the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida (CHCF). “CHFC has a definite difference for the homeless population of Central Florida. We’re eager to assist the Coalition’s mission, which is to provide more than just a means of living. They also have education, counseling, and character development programs to help families and children move on from homelessness,” said Aaron Hill, General Manager of Reed Nissan and Reed Nissan Clermont.

Last year, Reed Nissan returned as the presenting patron of the Hearts of Gold Concert at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Orlando. On May 20, 2016, many of Central Florida’s elite business and humanitarian administrators met at Hard Rock Live to eat, drink, and celebrate the transformative influence of music. The gathering was in support of the homeless people in our Clermont, FL community. Over the past 23 years, Hearts of Gold has gained a reputation for phenomenal live entertainment and a fun, relaxed ambiance – all for a noble cause.

Last year’s event set a new fundraising record: $303,685!

Reed Nissan was also the presenting patron of the 2017 Hearts of Gold Concert at Hard Rock Live at Universal Orlando. All proceeds from the event assisted local homeless families get back on track. To learn more about the Hearts of Gold Concert and how to get tickets, you can check out the Coalition website by clicking here.

Coalition For The Homeless has a 29-year history of helping our community. For their efforts, Coalition For The Homeless gained a 4-Star Charity Navigator rating, the largest rating bestowed on a philanthropic organization. Your tax-deductible donation will make a personal impression on the lives of Central Florida’s homeless population. Make a donation today!

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

The 3rd Annual Reed Nissan Pet Rescue Project 90 Day Adopt-A-Thon resulted in an incredible 2,064 dogs and cats finding forever homes! Reed Nissan Clermont and the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando could not be more excited about this achievement. We would like to extend our greatest thanks to those who attended the Adopt-A-Thon, and also to those who help behinds the scenes! We would like to extend another big thank you to the wonderful families that welcomed these animals into their homes.

The 2017 Paws in the Park event, held on February 11, helped raise over $104,000 and helped 8,000 homeless pets find homes in the Clermont and Orlando areas. Reed Nissan Clermont once again worked with the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to create the event.

Many people attended and learned about the Pet Alliance, 16 dogs found their forever homes, hundreds of dogs got their “game on” at Lucky Dogs Lure Course, Splash Dogs, and Canine Agility, and over $104,000 was raised to support the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

Reed Nissan of Clermont is a longtime sponsor of the Pet Alliance and the organization’s two locations. Currently, the Nissan dealership in Clermont donates a share of sales from each vehicle sold to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. It is our pledge that raised over $47,000 in 2015. Reed Nissan of Clermont’s donations go towards special initiatives dedicated to the overall wellbeing of the pets at both shelters.

To find out more about what can be done to assist animals in need, and view pets that are currently available for adoption, visit the Friend In Reed website!

Reed Nissan of Clermont Provides “Cookie Express” to Local Girl Scout Council

Reed Nissan of Clermont's “Cookie Express,” has been around since February 5, 2016. Thanks to our Nissan dealership, the Girl Scouts of Citrus Council are now able to move cases of cookie inventory and other approved elements to cookie sellers all over. The vivacious van is turning heads and attracting attention to the world’s largest girl-led enterprise.

100% of the net revenue raised through Girl Scout Cookie sales in the Central Florida area goes to Citrus Council and its troops. Girl Scout Cookies buyers are not only accessing a yummy treat but are also making a significant investment in their neighborhoods.

“The Girl Scouts of Citrus Council is comprised of determined and confident young ladies making a difference in their community,” said Aaron Hill, general manager of Reed Nissan and Reed Nissan Clermont. “We believe in the Girls Scouts and its powerful mission, and we look forward to seeing what these young entrepreneurs accomplish in the future.”

During Girl Scout Cookie season, each young #cookieboss is doing more than selling delicious cookies. Each scout is also developing fundamental life skills: decision making, money management, goal setting, business ethics, and people skills—the “Five Skills” of the cookie program. Every dollar the girls gain provides them more access to invest in their community service projects and learning experiences.

Reed Nissan of Clermont: Driven To Save Lives!

With every 2 seconds that pass, someone in the United States needs blood. Since its inception in 1942, Florida's Blood Centers have run on the philosophy of people helping people. Since the beginning, Florida's Blood Centers have also continuously produced neighborhoods with a reliable and sufficient supply of blood, thanks to the kindness of aides and donors.

Reed Nissan Clermont has sponsored blood drives serving Florida's Blood Centers. “Hosting a blood drive at our dealership is another we can give back to the community,” said Aaron Hill, General Manager of Reed Nissan and Reed Nissan Clermont. “We encourage everyone who can give to come by our location [during blood drive events] and donate. Your generosity will help save a life because there is no substitute for blood.”

There will constantly be a need for all blood types, so schedule an appointment with Florida's Blood Centers by calling 1.888.9.DONATE or by checking out their website! It's your turn to be a hero.

Reed Nissan Clermont Hosts BIG Skate Nissan Altima to Benefit BIG Life

In April 2009, Merideth McDonald, founder and director of BIG Life had her life turned upside down. Riddled with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Nate, her husband, was in an almost-fatal motorcycle accident. Fortunately, he lived – and Merideth and Nate were motivated to turn their unutterable sadness and trial into tenacity! “BIG” stands for Brain Injury Group, a 501(c)3 organization. BIG embarked on a record-setting effort on September 10, 2016, by inline skating nearly 1,500 miles. The trip took them through twelve states beginning with Washington D.C., then from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, to Boston, Massachusetts! When we learned about their unbelievable commitment to this under-appreciated problem, we were excited to design the Reed Nissan Clermont BIG Skate Nissan Altima for their brave venture.

A few spills followed by scrapes and bruises, and one traffic stop – that's what Merideth got while coming down a very steep bridge. Many moons and new friends later, Merideth ended her BIG Skate on October 14, 2016. The grand adventure Merideth and Nate began, ended up succeeding. They wanted to raise awareness about brain injuries, and they did it! BIG encouraged both survivors and caregivers while raising funds to develop the BIG Life campus. Since the endeavor, there has been a significant expansion of the BIG Life mission throughout our Clermont community. We hope to see more!

Police Department Mounted Patrol & Reed Nissan of Clermont

Reed values the OPD mounted patrol! Since 2006, Reed Nissan and Reed Nissan Clermont have provided a Nissan Titan to the Orlando Police Department's Mounted Patrol unit. The vehicle has known its day as it embarks on police adventures all over Central Florida. Tasked with pulling the Mounted Patrol's horse trailer, the OPD Titan also earned a trip to New Orleans to assist with Hurricane Katrina assistance. Katrina aide was just one of many feats the Nissan Titan has conquered during its reign on the police force. We have nothing but thankfulness and appreciation to our local police department. We would like to thank our officers for defending and serving our community!

Always Wear Your Seatbelt Foundation

Reed Nissan Clermont is the presenting supporter of the yearly Always Wear Your Seatbelt (AWYS) 5K, which benefits the AWYS Foundation. The AWYS Foundation was originated on September 21, 2012, through the loving memory of Laura Grant and Eddie Culberhouse. The two individuals lost their lives in a tragic auto collision on February 6, 2011. The mission is to save lives by raising awareness and providing teens with facts. Make sure to always wear your seatbelt, if not for yourself, for Laura and Eddie.

Our Newsworthy Projects:

With each passing year our commitment to the greater Clermont, Florida community grows as does our work with many wonderful foundations. Below, you'll find our community partners.

Visit today to see how YOU can help out these wonderful causes that do so much for the greater Orlando area!

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